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Weird Food Fatalities: Stories of Unappetizing Deaths

Sign of Doom

In 2009, a 49-year-old Nebraska woman, Diana Durre, was visiting a Taco Bell when the most unpredictable accident occurred. While waiting under a massive 65-foot sign, the huge structure suddenly toppled, landing on the cab of Durre’s vehicle. The crushing weight killed Durre on impact.

Ice Cream Killer

Estibaliz Carranza, an Austrian woman known as the “ice cream killer”, had only one true goal in life. She desperately wanted a child. When the men in her life failed to provide this, she shot them in the back of the head, cut them up with a chain saw, and hid them in the cellar of her ice cream parlor disguised as a sweet treat. But, even an icy freezer cannot completely prevent the smell of decomposing human bodies from eventually hitting someone’s nostrils, and in the end, someone smelled something not-so-sweet in the basement of this parlor, leading to Estibaliz’s arrest.

A Hill of Beans

In 2012, Raymond Segura Jr., a 56-year-old man who worked for a bean company in Colorado, experienced an accident which resulted in his death. When an overhead conveyor belt malfunctioned, Mr. Segura became trapped under thousands of falling pinto beans. When workers were sent to investigate and saw that Mr. Segura had become trapped under a veritable hill of beans, emergency personnel came to his aid. It took over an hour to dig out Mr. Segura’s body from the 20 foot pile. Unfortunately, by the time they reached him, he had already passed away.

Maid For Murder

Julia Thomas, a widow in her 50s who lived in Richmond, London, was murdered by her maid, Kate Webster, in 1879. It’s rumored that Kate Webster boiled parts of her former employer and scooped the lard into jars, distributing it amoungst her aquaintances, who consumed it, thinking it was animal lard.

A Raw Deal

1993, over seven hundred people were affected by one of the most notorious and tragic cases of food poisoning in US history. Jack in the Box sold hamburgers with under-cooked beef patties that resulted in an E. coli outbreak. The outbreak involved 73 restaurants across the US. Unfortunately, the under-cooked patties caused the deaths of 4 children and severe injuries in 178 other victims, including permanent kidney and brain damage. After this terribly sad event, the US adopted stricter policies concerning E. coli, and infection rates have reportedly dropped.

Walk-in Freeze Her

There have been a ton of human fatalities caused by getting locked in a freezer. The “fail-safe” escape mechanisms, which are a standard feature on most freezers, are apparently NOT “fail safe”. Such was the case for Carolyn Robinson, a 61 year old culinary worker at a hotel in Atlanta, who was discovered 13 hours after becoming locked in the freezer with bleeding knuckles because she had been pounding on the doors trying to get out. Her head was frozen solid. Experts have commented on Carolyn’s death, saying every walk-in freezer should have motion detectors that trigger the door’s release, or emergency buttons, as seen in every elevator.

Stewing In A Bad Relationship

Katherine Knight is the first Australian woman to be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. She was convicted for the murder of her partner, John Charles Thomas Price, in February 2000. After stabbing her boyfriend 37 times, Knight skinned him and hung him from a meat hook. She then cut pieces of his body and cooked them in a pot with potato, pumpkin, beets, zucchini, cabbage, squash, and gravy, serving herself a dish. Yet, the half-discarded contents of that dish, later found at the crime scene, suggest that Katherine could not finish her meal. 🤮🤢

Poison Apple

British mathematician Alan Turing is considered the father of computer science and artificial intelligence, but his career came to a weird end in 1954, when he bit into an apple he’d dipped in cyanide. Many questioned why he had chosen such an end, until Turing’s friends pointed out his fascination with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Life had been no fairy tale, but in his last moments, Alan Tiring pretended it was.

The Duck Sauce Killer

A condiment-obsessed New York City man hoarded sweet-and-sour duck sauce in his refrigerator – but not enough to stop him from killing a Chinese food delivery worker in a feud over his wish for more. When police opened accused killer Glenn Hirsch’s refrigerator, they found it full of items to flavour up his food – including lots of duck sauce. Why, then, did he take an innocent man’s life? It’s impossible to understand, and extremely saddening that he managed to post bond and is currently walking free while awaiting trial.

Tea Cakes To Die For

Leonarda Cianciulli murdered three women in Italy between 1939 and 1940. She then turned her victims’ bodies into soap and tea cakes, which she served to her friends and ate herself. Leonarda later confessed to authorities that she had killed the women as sacrifices in order to protect her son during World War II. She was sentenced to 30 years and died while incarcerated.

The Forgotten Cannibal

Karl Denke was a German man who killed and cannibalized dozens of homeless vagrants. In 1924, Denke was arrested after he invited a man inside his home, then attacked him with an axe. While at the scene, police found human flesh in jars and a record of at least 12 people whom Denke had murdered and cannibalized.
He hanged himself in his jail cell just after his initial arrest.


Well! That’s enough death for now, huh?

But… is it totally WEIRD that I’m suddenly hungry? I’m gonna go grab a bite to eat. Wish me luck, and until next time, stay safe out there, weirdos.

Published by lindseybethgoddard

Lindsey Goddard is an escaped mental asylum disturber with a penchant for telling spooky stories. She lives in the rural outskirts of St. Louis, MO, USA. Her short stories have appeared in publications such as Dark Moon Digest, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, and The Sinister Horror Company. Her debut novella, Ashes of Another Life, was released through Omnium Gatherum Media in August, 2016. For more information, visit:

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