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The sheer awesomeness of the Cereal Killers trading cards.

I’ve seen images of the Cereal Killers trading card over the years – a few here and there. I took them as any other internet image: I liked them and moved on. I had no idea they were trading cards you can buy online and collect! I decided to Google it last night and came across so many awesome images!

Joe Simko, founder of Wax Eye LLC, is the man behind the Cereal Killers brand. Joe is a New York based cartoonist who has illustrated for Garbage Pail kids, and it shows! Check these out, and if you like them, embrace your inner child and inner weirdo and go buy some trading cards!

The good news is, this isn’t all of them. There are many more. If you love the quirkiness of these gorey cards as much as I do, give it a Google. They’re for sale through several online marketplaces.

Published by lindseybethgoddard

Lindsey Goddard is an escaped mental asylum disturber with a penchant for telling spooky stories. She lives in the rural outskirts of St. Louis, MO, USA. Her short stories have appeared in publications such as Dark Moon Digest, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, and The Sinister Horror Company. Her debut novella, Ashes of Another Life, was released through Omnium Gatherum Media in August, 2016. For more information, visit:

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